Improving the Justice System Response to Sexual Offences: Report (html)

Appendix B:

The Commission conducted consultations with the individuals and organisations listed below.

1 ACT Restorative Justice Unit and restorative justice academics

2 Centre for Innovative Justice, RMIT University

3 Family Violence Restorative Justice Service, Department of Justice and Community Safety

4 Judicial College of Victoria

5 Associate Professors Anastasia Powell, RMIT University, and Asher Flynn, Monash University

6 Dr Emma Henderson, La Trobe University and

Dr Kirsty Duncanson, La Trobe University

7 Associate Professor Nicola Henry, RMIT University

8 Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor

9 Office of the eSafety Commissioner

10 Professor Jane Goodman-Delahunty, University of Newcastle

11 A group of family violence and sexual assault practitioners focusing on disability inclusion

12 Project Restore

13 Intermediary Pilot Program, Department of Justice and Community Safety

14 Sexual Assault Services Victoria (formerly CASA Forum)

15 Child Witness Service

16 Senior sexual assault worker, South Eastern Centre against Sexual Assault (SECASA)

17 Roundtable consultation focused on the experience of women with disability

18 Rodney Vlais, Consultant

19 Dr Frank Lambrick, University of Melbourne

20 Members of Barwon South West Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee and Barwon South West Dhelk Dja Action Group

21 Office of Public Prosecutions – Solicitors

22 First roundtable on the experience of LGBTIQA+ people (Thorne Harbour Health, Switchboard, Rainbow Health Vic)

23 Sexual Assault Services Victoria Specialist Children’s Services

24 County Court of Victoria

25 CASA senior counsellor/advocates

26 Greg Byrne PSM, Legal Policy Consultant, Greg Byrne Law

27 Juries Commissioner

28 Office of Public Prosecutions – Victims and Witness Assistance Service

29 Safe Pathways to Healing Working Group (North Metropolitan Aboriginal Sexual Assault Prevention and Healing Advisory Group)

30 Djirra

31 Geraldine, Deputy Chairperson of the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council

32 Anonymous member, Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council (VSAC)

33 Rebecca, a member of the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council

34 Project Respect Women’s Advisory Group

35 A victim survivor of sexual assault

36 Criminal Bar Association

37 New Zealand District Court judges with experience on the sexual violence

court pilot

38 Australian Association for Restorative Justice

39 VACRO (Victorian Association for the

Care and Resettlement of Offenders) and JSS (Jesuit Social Services)

40 Roundtable consultation with Transgender Victoria,

Bisexual Alliance and Drummond Street Services

41 Individual views of Honourable Justice Chris Maxwell AC and Judicial Registrar Tim Freeman

42 Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

43 Confidential

44 Red Cross Support for Trafficked Persons Program

45 Sex Work Law Reform Victoria

46 Safer Families Research Centre and Monash Social Inclusion Centre

47 Refugee Health Network and Refugee Health Program

48 Star Health and Project Respect

49 Victoria Legal Aid

50 End Rape on Campus

51 Associate Professor Debbie Ollis and Professor Amanda Keddie, Deakin University

52 Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS)

53 Elizabeth Morgan House and a victim survivor of sexual assault

54 Lucille Kent, a victim survivor of sexual assault

55 Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC)

56 Cecilia, a victim survivor of sexual assault

57 Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

58 Victims of Crime Consultative Committee (VOCCC) representatives

59 Ashleigh Rae, Nicole Lee, Penny

60 Flat Out

61 Children’s Court of Victoria

62 Mark, a person who has experienced sexual harm

63 A victim survivor of sexual assault, name withheld

64 Marie (a pseudonym), the mother of a child who was a victim of image-based abuse

65 Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP)

66 Consultation focused on people who have a lived experience of states of mental and emotional distress commonly labelled as ‘mental health challenges’, and are victims/survivors of sexual assault

67 Loddon Mallee Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee

68 Youthlaw

69 Deborah, a victim survivor of sexual assault

70 Victoria Police (No 1)

71 Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (No 1)

72 Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

73 Family Safety Victoria (No 1)

74 Magistrate David Fanning, Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC)

75 Family Safety Victoria (No 2)

76 YACVic and YACVic Young People 

77 Witness J

78 Roundtable on reporting (Victoria Police, Sexual Assault Services Victoria and some centres against sexual assault; Office of Public Prosecutions; Victoria Legal Aid; Criminal Bar Association)

79 Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People and Manager, Koori Advisory and Engagement

80 Victoria Police (No 2)

81 Danielle, a victim survivor

82 Katherine Dowson, South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault

83 VEOHRC (No 2)

84 Aboriginal Justice Caucus

85 Roundtable on the experience of children and young people (centres against sexual assault; Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency; Commission for Children and Young People; Family Safety Victoria; Child Witness Service; Youth Support and Advocacy Service; Department of Families, Fairness and Housing; Youthlaw; Victim Services, Support and Reform, Department of Justice and Community Safety; Professor Martine Powell, Griffith University; Fyona Livingstone Clark, Barrister and PhD candidate)

86 Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (No 2)

87 County Court of Victoria (No 2)

88 Victims of Crime Commissioner

89 Sexual Assault Services Victoria (No 2)

90 Criminal Bar Association (No 2)

91 Victoria Police (No 3)

92 Dr Patrick Tidmarsh

93 Victoria Police (No 4)

94 Office of Public Prosecutions (No 2)

95 Victoria Legal Aid (No 2)

96 Children’s Court of Victoria (No 2)

97 Family Safety Victoria (No 3)

98 Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN)

99 Alison, the mother of a rape survivor